Xiaomi Walkingpad C1 vs A1 Folding Treadmill: Revolutionary Home Fitness

stars May 15, 2019 | Sam Kern
It is no secret that daily walking is the best fitness routine one can have and with the Xiaomi Walkingpad C1 foldable treadmill you can say good-bye to the heavy, bulky traditional treadmills.


The walkingpad C1 treadmill is a perfect companion for maintaining one’s health. Whether you want to work out at home or at the office, they are extremely convenient for beginners and fitness freaks alike. They offer a variety of features. Speed control, measuring the distance and speed, calculating calories burned through the app are some of the functions performed by these machines. Due to its ease of use coupled with the “smart” features through the app, it has become the largest selling exercise equipment. Your real-time workout data is tracked to help you achieve fitness goals more effectively.


New Generation Treadmills with Xiaomi Walkingpad C1

Though there are many benefits attached to the use of treadmills, their large size and heavyweight make them less appealing. Many prefer to join a local gym and become dependent on the gym machines to remain fit. The launch of Xiaomi Walkingpad C1 was welcome with much enthusiasm by people wanting to keep fit from the comfort of their home. This foldable and portable modern treadmill is loaded with features . It is compact and extremely lightweight to carry. It makes less noise than its bigger counterparts.

Xiaomi Foldable Walkingpads: A1 or C1?

Xiaomi is a global brand with a positive reputation. Starting its operation in China with just a smartphone segment, it has now expanded itself into multiple product segments serving millions of satisfied customers worldwide. With its quality products, it has made a place for itself as the 4th most valuable technology start-up in the world.

Let’s take a look at the two most popular foldable treadmills offered by Xiaomi. Bringing out the differences between the features of two Xiaomi models would reveal the best out of the two.

Body Build

The model A1 has a body of aluminum alloy with IML injection molding whereas C1 has an ABS plastic frame. This gives a premium look and feel to the A1 model. Xiaomi gave the plastic body to the model C1 on purpose. Aluminum built machines are heavier than the plastic ones. To make the treadmill easily transportable, a light-weight material is preferred over the stylish one.


When folded, A1 has the size 822 x 547 x 129 mm compared to C1’s folded size 855 x 528 x 145.5 mm. This makes C1 a little lengthier but narrower to store when not in use. Taking a look at the unfolded size, A1 comes with 1432 x 547 x 129 mm while C1 has 1449 x 528 x 117 mm dimensions. It makes the walking area of walkingpad C1 slightly narrower but does not have an impact on the maximum speed of the machine.


Weight plays an important role in deciding the ease of transportation of a product. A lighter machine can be taken easily from one place to another. The net weight of  the A1 model is 28 kg as against 22 kg of C1 model. It gives Walkingpad C1 an upper hand in case of portability.

Load Capacity

The strength of a machine is tested by its capacity to carry loads. A treadmill that can carry heavier load is stronger than the other. Xiaomi’s A1 model can carry a maximum load of 90 kgs whereas its C1 model can carry up to 110 kgs of weight. WalkingPad C1 wins again here.

Power Usage

While making a purchase decision for a big household equipment, one of the first things we consider seeking information for is its power usage. In the long run, an electrical equipment consuming lesser power saves us a lot of money in power bills. With Xiaomi’s C1 model using 588 W of energy as compared to 746 W used by the A1 model, it is more energy-efficient to use WalkinPad C1.

Data Display

The WalkinPad A1 is equipped with a display on the machine’s head. It gives information about the current status of machine – manual, automatic or stand-by. It displays the exercise time right in front of you. The WalkingPad C1 comes with a digital display controlled via remote. All the information about the activity can be accessed on a real-time basis. The head of the machine is designed neatly with just a power indicator light. While exercising over C1, you literally carry your health information in your hands!

Cost Comparison

Xiaomi’s A1 WalkingPad comes at a hefty price tag of $499.99 while the C1 model is moderately priced at $389.99. With such a  difference in the purchase price, Xiaomi’s Walkingpad C1 model is much more cost-effective than the former.

Reviews of the Xiaomi Walkingpad C1?

Users of the Walkingpad c1 Foldable treadmill are raving about its various features. Many reviews mention affordability when compared to traditional treadmills. Another feature that people are absolutely fond of is the low noise level. “Portable and convenience” make this walking machine attractive to many. You can read more reviews here.

Final Words

Old-fashioned treadmills are becoming a thing of the past. These are being replaced by more modern, compact and lighter versions. Both Walkingpads A1 and C1 offer all the benefits of a foldable treadmill. With so many features available in these models, they are bound to become a favorite in every health-conscious person’s home. With lower initial investment and less running cost, Walkingpad C1 model is preferred over the A1 counterpart. Gearbest offers flash sales with heavy discounts and free shipping on these models to let the users take full advantage of the products. If you’re serious about adding a regular walking regime to your fitness schedule but struggle to step out of your home, then the Xiaomi Walkingpad C1 is the way to go. The whole family can enjoy the convenience of this portable sleek treadmill. You can exercise in the privacy of your own room or carry it anywhere!